Learning Center

Now you too can benefit from the most advanced golf teaching technology available anywhere. Our V1 Digital Video Coaching System is state of the art video equipment and computer software that enables us to focus attention on the needs of your unique swing. It’s a simple process that can work wonders for your game! The V1’s teaching power is the ability to digitally record your swings enabling us to compare any two swings in slow motion and stop action, side by side in a split screen. Seeing your own swing really helps, but viewing your current swing next to that of a pro’s or next to your uncorrected swing provides insights that are just not possible elsewhere.

Regardless of your skill level, age, or experience level, the V1 Digital Video Coaching System combined with the expertise of an experienced instructor can help you improve your golf game. You will feel and see a difference in your first session!

All good instructors focus on fundamentals. It’s our style, delivery, and techniques that differentiate GolfNutz from the rest. You will see and feel the difference after just your first session!

GolfNutz is owned and operated by Tim Horhota (left), a certified member of the Canadian and US Golf Teachers Federation.

Instruction in our indoor teaching studio (right) is available year round. Our outdoor facilities include four covered and heated bays to enable you to practice even during inclement weather.

GolfNutz is located At WestPort Golf Practice and Training Facility, Third St. (North) at the QEW in St. Catharines.